Budget Consultation Q&A (Thu, 7th Jan 2016 - 6:00 pm) 

Welcome to our Budget Consultation Q&A

Cllr John Clancy and his Cabinet will be on hand to answer questions about our Budget 2016+ proposals


Twitter: Please use the hashtag #BrumBudget16

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  • Cllr Tahir Ali

    Organisation Labour - Nechells Ward

    Position Cabinet Member for Development, Jobs and Skills

  • Cllr John Clancy

    Organisation Labour - Quinton Ward

  • Cllr John Cotton

    Organisation Labour - Shard End Ward

    Position Cabinet Member - Social Cohesion and Equalities

  • Cllr Paulette Hamilton

    Organisation Labour - Handsworth Wood Ward

  • Cllr Penny Holbrook

    Organisation Labour - Stockland Green Ward

  • Cllr Brigid Jones

    Organisation Labour - Selly Oak Ward

    Position Cabinet Member - Children and Family Services

  • Cllr Stewart Stacey

    Organisation Labour - Acocks Green

    Position Cabinet Member - Commissioning, Contracting and Improvement.

  • Cllr Lisa Trickett

    Organisation Labour - Moseley and Kings Heath Ward

    Position Chairman - Districts and Public Engagement Overview & Scrutiny Committee

  • Cllr Ian Ward

    Organisation Labour - Shard End Ward

    Position Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council - Deputy Leader of the Labour Group